Elect Kone’ Bowman

You can make a difference by supporting and donating to a true leader and fighter for his constituents. As the former city council for the City of Pontiac his constituents knew he was only a phone call away an ear that would listen and got the job done. Support, donate, get involved with the campaign to elect Kone’ Bowman.

Our Goal is to make sure that District 29 receives the best representation in Lansing. We must make honesty and transparency count. Our plat form is one that will bring social and more economical stability to district 29. Our roads are falling apart, yet we pay one of the biggest gas tax from which a portion is supposed to help repair our roads. Our schools need more funding if our children are going to be able to compete on a global scale. Our seniors are out living their health care benefits, and retirement savings. These are just a few things that I will address and work with other legislators to make sure that District 29 receives it’s fare share of. I will make sure that the light is shining on these issues and concerns as your representative for District 29.